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"Primum non nocere"

First do no harm





After a great deal of heart and soul searching and consideration for all concerned  I have taken the decision to finally retire at the start of the new year, 2016. 

I have tried to retire on several occasions, first by stopping consultations, but I continued to research and offer advice for remedy choices which took just as long, so that didn’t help. Then I stopped taking telephone orders. When this didn’t have much effect I shortened my advertised hours to 10 am to 3 pm Tuesday to Friday.  This didn’t work either as I found I was still working from around 9 am to late into the evening, many nights I would still be working at 3 or 4 am and up to 7 days a week.  This is not conducive to my own good health and so  following a 3 week break in September I finally made the decision to hang up my ‘cauldron’ and spend more quality time with my family, not least my  93 year old dad and our 2 grandchildren and make my retirement permanent.

With my 68th birthday coming up on 20th December and with almost 30 years of offering the  'Gentle Touch' service  I feel that I have done what I set out to do and that is to bring Homoeopathy to everyone and their animals at an affordable price, to show them what a wonderful, gentle and natural healing medium it is, with the advantage of no side effects, addiction or overdose risk.  I hope I have bought homoeopathy to many who thought it was beyond their means by virtue of my charitable  and not for profit service.  In turn they have helped spread the word so that 1,000's more people and their animals are aware of and benefit from Homoeopathy, understanding it is not simply ‘all in the mind’ or a placebo effect.

I have tried to uphold the tenet of 'First do no harm' to the best of my ability and from the reponses I have had over the years this seems to have been achieved.

Although the web site will be down from around the 7th of January I will still be able to make remedies for a short while as I gradually wind down over the following 6 months or so.  I will not leave anyone in the lurch.  If you need a remedy and cannot get it elsewhere do please email me and I will do my best to help.

Before it is shut down you are welcome to copy any information from the website that will be of use to you.  It is my copyrighted material so it cannot be used for commercial purposes but can be used for education or information of others without prior consent.  However it must be published in the same wording as any changes may alter the contents meaning and thus become incorrect which could be a problem or even dangerous.

I would like to acknowledge at this time the immense help I have had from Paul, my beloved husband of 45 years - so far.  Without his help I could not have achieved what I have.  It is thanks to him that remedies got to the post on time, often driving several miles to the other side of town just so an urgent remedy would catch the late post.  He kept me supplied with food and drink ( non alcoholic) when I had a stack of orders to get out.  He was my IT man par excellence and kept the computer going when I was choosing a window to throw it from. He kept me focused when I was researching difficult cases and reminded me I needed to sleep when he found me working into the early hours.  He has been the hidden backbone of Gentle Touch and none of it would have been possible without his support.  So 'Thank You' Paul for all you did and all you continue to do. My rock. 

I would also  like to thank each and every one of you for trusting me with your health, the health of your family and that of your individual animals.  I have learned much from you all and I am delighted to have the many photos you have sent me of your pets that have regained their health, often with just a few doses of a well chosen remedy. I have been honored to share in  your grief and your joy, mourned with you the passing of much loved companions and celebrated the arrival of new ones. 

Thank you to all the vets who, when nothing else could be done have said well there's nothing to lose so try homoeopathy and have then seen for themselves often miraculous healing which conventional treatment was not able to produce. Even more I thank these vets for their open mindedness in acknowledging that homoeopathy really does work whether they understood it or not.  Several of them have gone on to study homoeopathy as have some of my clients and are now qualified Homoeopaths.  Well done to all of you.

So, there you have it.  It will be a sad day when I finally close the doors on Gentle Touch but I hope you all feel you have learned and benefitted from this little 'drop in the ocean' of Homoeopathy .

Thank you all again and may I on behalf of myself and my family wish you all

A very happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.


I apologise for any problems or inconvenience you may experience with incomplete listings of remedies  or other information and for the navigation bars being out of sequence. This was supposed to have been corrected when the website was finished but that will not now happen so I hope you can find your way around while it remains up and running.



Last updated: 5 : November 2015


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A Welcome Message from Chris



A very warm welcome to Gentle Touch Homoeopathics and thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you will find it easy to navigate through the site and locate the information you need. Simple BIG button navigation and larger text hopefully makes it easy for all to use.

Gentle Touch Homoeopathics is a supply only service, no diagnostics are undertaken so in all cases you are advised to seek the advice of a qualified practitioner. GTH was founded some 26 years ago, when as a lay practitioner, I had a dream to help bring homoeopathy within reach of everyone.  Lay knowledge is developed through independent study and personal experience and the last 26 years or so have, for me, been filled with both.


I run this service alone so deal with everything from taking the orders, dispensing remedies and answering questions. As I am supposed to be retired now, some hope, I am taking a few more days off than in previous years so as to spend quality time with family so please check the opening times notifications for any days that I may not be dispensing and order in good time.  I would need at least 48 hours prior to ensure your order is made up.

GTH has grown simply by word of mouth so the wide use of the service seems to indicate that clients are happy with their results.  This is certainly true where animals are concerned. Very often owners turn to homoeopathy as a last resort where often hundreds if not thousands of pounds have been spent on conventional treatment all to no avail.  Then within days or a few weeks their pets are restored to health after just a few doses of well chosen remedy, the results are truly wonderful to see and there is no placebo effect going on there! .

GTH is able to serve practitioners, patients, students and the public wherever they may be and is committed to the practise of homoeopathy but its main aim is to bring Homoeopathic medicine within reach of all, whatever their means.

Gentle Touch Homoeopathics is proud to be part of the global homeopathic community and works hard to provide a fast and responsive service to everyone. All remedies and products are backed by friendly, compasionate and confidential advice to help you use homeopathy with confidence.

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A Note About

GTH Remedies

GTH remedies are prepared with care and sensitivity for each individual  client on the day of dispatch. There are no 'stock' items sitting on a shelf waiting to be sold.


The use of a Sulis Professional MK3 Remedy Maker means I am able to produce Korsakovian as well as Hahnemannian potencies and all remedies are created with greater stability using the Antidote Reduction feature unique to Sulis.

If looked after correctly these remedies have a long shelf life but please do not store pills, tablets, powders or granules in a fridge where they can become damp and will deteriorate. Keep them cool, dry and out of sunlight and away from strong smells. 

Liquids may be stored in the fridge including those you may make up yourself using Medicating Granules. Liquid remedies that have brandy or white alcohol as a preservative need not be stored in the fridge but should still be kept in the cool, out of sunlight and away from strong smells.



Gentle Touch Homoeopathics does not claim that the products sold treat any specific illness or condition. The way in which you choose to treat your condition is up to you however, you are strongly advised NOT to self diagnose or attempt to diagnose the health condition of your animals but to always seek the advice of a qualified practitioner.

By placing an order for any homoeopathic remedy you are confirming that you have read and understood the following waiver and agree to the terms therein:





I hereby confirm that I have sought of my own free will the homoeopathic services of Gentle Touch Homoeopathics. I fully realize that it is not a licensed medical service nor claims to be.


I understand that the services provided are for my own lifestyle and choosing. Whatever counsel or remedy is offered are solely suggestions and are in no way prescribing, diagnosing or claiming to cure or treat specific illness. I take full responsibility for any part of this counsel and or remedy I choose to purchase, from this day forward.