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When selecting  remedies choose one that most clearly fits your symptoms.  Combination remedies may also fit so take a look at those too before ordering.


You can also choose the medium in which tyour remedy is supplied, ie pilules, soft tablets, hard tablets, liquids, granules

 A - G

Aconite - Beginnings of influenza and colds; fear; shock.

Takes repeating frequently in severe shock & trauma.


Actaea - Headaches; neuralgia painful muscles and/ or shooting pains; depression; menopause.


Allium cepa. - Common cold, with much sneezing and watering of eyes; hay fever; hacking cough in cold air.


Apis mel. - Burning, stinging pains; chilblains; cystitis; boils; swelling of lower eyelids; insect stings; hives.


Argent nit. - Anticipatory fear; dyspepsia; headache; mental strain; conjunctivitis.


Arnica - After injury; mental and physical shock; before operations, visits to dentist. etc.; bruises and sprains; rheumatism. A premier First Aid remedy in all accidents to reduce trauma to soft tissues. Sports injury. Use as soon as possible following injury.


Arsen. alb. - Restlessness; vomiting; diarrhoea; stomach upsets from food poisoning.


Belladonna - Hot, flushed face; shiny eyes; sore throat; facial neuralgia; severe throbbing earache; throbbing boils; throbbing headache. Arthritic pain where skin is red and shiny over the affected joint.


Bellis perennis - Lumbago; bruises. post operative pain, especially useful after abdominal surgery


Bryonia - Chesty colds; coughs; arthritis.


Calc. carb. - Profuse periods; cold extremities; cramp; depression; craving for salt. Chalky stool in dog. Diarrhoea with semi formed solids.


Calc. fluor. - Piles which bleed and itch; for the prevention of tooth decay and the stimulation of the formulation of tooth enamel.


Calc. phos. - General debility associated with arthritic conditions particularly if indigestion also suffered; general debility; mental debility.


Cantharis - Burns and scalds before blisters form; cystitis; burning pain in bladder both before and after passing water; sunburn.


Carbo. veg. - Indigestion with excessive flatulence; varicose veins. Also useful in cases of collapse as a reviver.


Causticum - Raw, burning, sore pain with chesty cough and sore throat; hoarseness; stiff neck; rheumatism; contractures of tendons; incontinence.


Chamomilla - Teething; irritability and restlessness; colic; green slimy diarrhoea; total intolerance to pain.


Cina - Worms; itchiness of nose and anus; nausea with white diarrhoea.


Cinchona - (China) Where there is weakness after loss of body fluids,  dehydration, blood loss. CAn be used in conjunction with other suitable remedies and given frequently.


Cocculus - Travel sickness; nausea with hollow sensation in stomach; nausea during pregnancy.


Coffea Tosta- Sleeplessness due to mental activity; tension. agitation. Best taken at night.


Colocynthis - Colic; stomach pains; flatulence; cramp; stitching pains. Cuprum met. 6 Cramp in extremities; poor circulation; whooping cough; vomiting.


Drosera - Coughs; whooping cough; persistent, irritating cough with retching and vomiting.


Euphrasia - Conjunctivitis; inflamed burning eyes; hay fever; catarrh.


Ferr. phos. - Colds; inflammation of the respiratory tract; a tonic. Dental: Pulpitis pain and inflammation


Gelsemium - For general debility resulting from influenza. Colds; influenza; sore throat; runny nose; tight headaches; nervous anxiety.


Graphites - Dry skin eruptions on scalp and body; eczema; dry. cracked fingertips; dandruff; catarrh. 


Liquids may be stored in the fridge including those you may make up yourself using Medicating Granules.


Liquid remedies that are preserved with brandy or white alcohol need not be stored in the fridge but should still be kept out of sunlight and heat.

 H - U

Hamamelis - Varicose veins; piles; chilblains; bruises.


Hepar sulph. - Purulent discharges; body odour; choking sensations; general hypersensitivity.


Hypericum - Very painful cuts and wounds; blows to fingers or toes; horsefly bites. Specific for damage to nerves.


Hypericum Ointment - Topical application for painful cuts and wounds, particularly where nerves are involved; crushed, puncture wounds, animal bites.


Ignatia - Weepiness; bereavement; hysteria; loss of appetite


Ipecac - Any illness where there is constant nausea and sickness; morning sickness in pregnancy; bronchitis, asthma.


Kali. bich. - Sinus troubles; catarrh with stringy discharge; coughs; sore throat; nausea and vomiting. particularly after alcohol.


Kali. phos. - Nervous exhaustion; nervous indigestion; bad breath; giddiness from exhaustion and weakness


Lachesis - Hot flushes and depression in menopause; menstrual pain when relieved by flow.


Ledum - Puncture wounds produced by sharp pointed objects; muscle pains after stings, puncture wound and injections, insect bites.


Lycopodium - Excessive flatulence ; constipation ; excessive hunger; anxiety; headache. 


Merc. cor - Diarrhoea, bloody, Forceful. Cystitis in some cases.


Merc. sol. - Bad breath; body odour; sore throat; mouth abscess


Mixed Pollen - Hay fever where triggered by pollen.


Nat. mur. - Sinus troubles; sneezy cold; runny nose; cold sores; migraine; craving for salt.


Nux vom. - Nervous indigestion; early morning liverishness, indigestion 2-3 hours after eating; travel sickness; irritability; stuffy nose; hay fever.


Phosphorus - Bronchitis; dry cough; hypersensitivity; night sweat.


Phytolacca - Mastitis; ulceration of mouth and throat; sore throat stiff neck with Inability to swallow; shooting pains likened to electric shocks.


Pulsatilla - Weepiness. particularly in children and premenstrual women; menopause; catarrh; styes.


Rhus tox. - Rheumatism; lumbago; sciatica; sprains of joints or tendons; herpes; shingles; chicken pox.


Rhus tox. Ointment Topical application for rheumatic pain and stiffness Ointment of joints, tendons, ligaments and strains from over lifting.


Ruta grav. - Bruised bones; fractures; dislocations; sprains.


Ruta grav Ointment - Topical application for bruised bones, dislocations, sprains and sciatic pain.


Sepia - Menopausal symptoms, often combined with depression; hot flushes; premenstrual tension and depression; morning sickness in pregnancy; debility


Silicea - Boils; abscesses; general improvement of skin, hair. fingernails; sinus troubles; headaches.


Sulphur - Itching skin; dry skin problems; eczema; boils; inflamed, red orifices, burning sensations e.g. feet hot in bed.


Symphytum - Bone fractures; bone injuries; rheumatic and arthritic conditions resulting from broken bones.


Thuja - Warts; styes; chronic skin conditions; dandruff, body odour.


Urtica urens. - Urticaria; stinging burns and scalds; itchy blotches on skin.