A - E


Sudden panic attacks. Aconite


Prolonged periodic panic attacks. Arsen alb.


With fainting spells. Sulphur



Feeling of emptiness even after meals. Calc. carb.


Variable appetite. Ferrum phos.


Excessive appetite which is easily satisfied. Lycopodium


Aversion to food. Hunger prevents sleep. Ignatia


Continual craving with loss of appetite. Arsen. alb.



Where the death is sudden and the shock severe. Aconite


Cannot get over the loss. Prolonged bereavement. Ignatia



Seek medical treatment. Immediately take Aconite.


Horsefly bites. Hypericum.


Insect stings, general. Apis mel.


Pain from puncture wounds by small sharp objects. Ledum.


Crushed/puncture wounds. Hypericum / Calendula Ointment. Also known as Hypercal



Profuse sticky sweat all day. Skin sensitive to touch. Hepar Sulph.


Perspiration which stains clothes yellow. Merc.sol.


Unhealthy looking skin. Feet particular problem. Sulphur.


Sweats in uncovered parts. Thuja.



With redness, heat and throbbing. Belladonna.


Patient chilly, boil cold. Silicea.





With rattling mucous in bronchial tubes. Ipecac.


With loss of voice/hoarseness. Phosphorus.


General for burns and scalds. After a day in the sun when reaction is expected. Cantharis.


Sunburn with redness, heat and throbbing. Belladonna.


Stinging burns and scalds. Urticaria. Urtica urens.





Profuse watery discharge with sneezing and burning of nose and lip area. Allium cepa.


Copious burning and clear watery discharge, chilliness, craving for heat, great exhaustion, watery eyes. Arsen. alb.


Catarrh lying on chest which feels tight. Inability to expectorate. Bryonia


Thick, greenish yellow discharge in tiny lumps. Symptoms worse after rest and from damp weather. Calc. fluor.


Bland, nasal catarrh with watering of the eyes. Euphrasia.


Thick yellow infected discharge with sore throat, hoarseness and tough stringy mucous. Kali. bich.


Variable, intermittent, flowing catarrh, with much sneezing, especially in morning. Nat. mur.


For early stages of cold with accompanying, often dry nasal catarrh. Nose blocked at night. Nux vom.


Catarrh is variable in frequency and intensity with a clear, yellow or green discharge, worse at night. Pulsatilla.


Catarrh in sinuses causing headaches and obstinate nasal obstruction with sneezing in morning. Silicea..





With dry painful cough. Bryonia 


Hoarseness and loss of voice. Phosphorus

People who catch cold readily, often in the chest. Sulphur



Beginning of colds. Sudden onset from exposure to cold. Aconite


Common cold with much sneezing, watering of eyes and profuse acrid nasal discharge. Accompanying temperature. Allium cepa.


Common cold with pronounced sneezing and watering eyes. Euphrasia


Feverishness, stuffiness and sneezing at onset of cold. Ferrum phos.


Hot & cold shivering flu symptoms. Sore throat, runny nose, headache and aching limbs. Gelsemium


Watery cold with general feeling of discomfort and headache. Loss of taste and smell. Nat. mur.


Slow onset and recovery, with sinusitis and headache. Silicea




Hoarse, dry, loud, spasmodic, hard, ringing cough. Usually no expectoration and worse at night. Aconite 


Restless and anxious with wheezy respiration and burning sensation in chest. Thin, watery discharge in great quantity. Arsen. alb.  


Dry, tickling cough with spasmodic barking, giving rise to violent coughing fits, ending in sneezing. Belladonna

Hard dry cough with soreness and/or stitches in chest and headache. Worse in cold, dry weather and for movement. Bryonia

Tickling cough with yellow, sour and offensive sputum. Head and neck apt to sweat at night. Calc.carb.

Hard, racking cough with pain in chest bringing exhaustion; Inability to bring up phlegm. Causticum

Persistent, irritating cough coming from deep down in chest, occasionally leading to vomiting. Drosera

Hoarse cough with roughness and scraping sensation in throat. Worse in cold, dry weather. Better for cover. Hepar sulph.

Spasmodic, suffocative cough wheezing and loss of breath, either leading to vomiting without nausea, or intense nausea unrelieved by vomiting. Ipecac

Cough with stringy sputum. Cough originating from tickling in pit of stomach with bursting pain in head. Kali. bich

Dry, tearing, spasmodic cough with great soreness of chest and retching. Oppressed breathing and feverishness. Nat. Mur. 


Violent, hard, dry, exhausting, tight or racking cough with yellow sputum. Sore, hot throat and thirst. Phosphorous


Cough dry in the evening, loose in morning with thick, bland yellow green discharge and tickling in larynx. Pulsatilla




Use a calendula ointment in conjunction with I

Painful cuts & wounds, particularly where nerves are involved. Hypericum / Calendula Ointment ( Also known as Hypercal Ointment )



With confusion and despondency. Actaea rac.

Especially women who are easily depressed. Sepia

Sleeplessness due to mental activity. Tension. Agitation. Coffea



Skin cracked and weeping. Graphites

Excessive itching, uncontrollable urge to scratch which results in burning and smarting. Sulphur




Abscesses slow to mature. Hepar Sulph. 


Mouth abscesses sensitive to touch. Merc. sol.   


When pus has formed and is slow to clear. Silicea  


Bad breath with a bitter taste in the mouth. Kali. Phos.  


Bad breath with a metallic taste in the mouth ulcers on the gums. Merc. sol.  


Conjunctivitis with headaches. Argent. nit.  


Inability to bear bright light. Eyes inflamed burning, watering. Euphrasia  


Aid to reduce pain & assist healing after tooth extractions. Arnica  


Earache with redness, heat and throbbing. Belladonna. 


Eyelids swollen. Apis mel.  


Early stages of styes. Pulsatilla  


Toothache worse from hot & cold. Merc. sol.  


Ulceration of mouth and throat. Phytolacca\par




 F - W


Following an accident. Aconite


Fear to the point of terror. Arsen. alb.


Fear of crowds, death, impending misfortune. Ferr. phos.


Fear of appearing before an audience. Argent. nit.


Examination nerves. Fear of failure. Gelsemium





General remedy where condition is allergic response to pollen. Mixed pollen


Nose and eyes stream. Sneezing severe and frequent. Worse in morning, indoors. Allium cepa


Nose tickles violently. Sneezing violent and painful with a watery burning discharge. Arsen. alb.


Eyes burn, itch and water. Heavy sneezing, sore throat and hard dry cough. Euphrasia


Violent sneezing, nose tingles and streams, particularly in morning. Face hot. Gelsemium


Copious catarrh and sneezing, often accompanied by cold sores or mouth ulcers. Worse in open air. Nat. mur.


Irritation of nose, eyes, face and throat with prolonged bouts of sneezing. Nux.vom.


Copious thick catarrh and sneezing. Relieved by open air. Pulsatilla


Sinusitis with blocked, stuffy nose. Symptoms worse on waking. Silicea




With painful watering of eyes. Euphrasia


Lessened by bending head backwards. Hypericum


With humming in ears. Kali. phos.


Hammering headache. Migraine with zig-zag lights. Nat. mur.


Migraine beginning in the neck, travelling over the head and ending in one eye. Silicea


Blurred vision before headache. Kali. bich.





When food lies like a stone in the stomach. Bryonia


Bloated after light meal. Much flatulence. Lycopodium

Flatulence and colic after eating. Overeating. Ineffectual urging. Early morning liverishness. Nux. vom.

From nervous anticipation of coming events. Argent. nit.

Mild food poisoning. Nausea with burning pains. Arsen. alb.

Chronic, yellow, offensive, urgent stool. Sulphur

Excessive flatulence. Carbo veg.


Morning sickness, worse from lying down. Constant nausea. Ipecac.

With vomiting after drinking alcohol. Kali. bich.

Worms. Itchiness of nose and anus. Nausea with white diarrhoea. Cina


Travel sickness. Nausea with hollow sensation in stomach. Nausea during pregnancy. Cocculus


Colic. Stomach pains. Flatulence. Cramp. Colocynthis





For the early stages of flu where there is a fever and/or chill. Aconite

Restlessness despite feeling of exhaustion with a burning nasal discharge and sneezing. Arsen. alb.

For the early stages of flu where there is a temperature accompanied by weakness and tiredness and aching. Gelsemium

General aches and pains, often with nausea. Desire for warmth despite sweating. Nux. vom.



With barking cough and tickling dry throat. Drosera

With hard dry cough and loss of voice. Phosphorus






Change of life in fair blue eyed women. Periods delayed, scanty but protracted. Pulsatilla

Change of life in dark haired women. Periods delayed. Sepia


If symptoms vary between the two above then a combination of Sepia & Pulsatilla is suggested

Periods too early and excessive. Calc. phos.

Cystitis. Painful urination or constant desire to urinate. Cantharis

Fluid retention, heaviness of breasts relieved by flow. Flushes and depression during menopause. Lachesis


Symptoms of wind and bloated feeling. Irritability and melancholia. Lycopodium

Extreme irritability. Nux. vom.

Melancholia and weepiness. Ignatia

Tenderness of breasts. Periods profuse, early or too long. Calc.carb.




Bone fracture slow to heal, bones refuse to knit. Calc. phos.

General remedy for all kinds of bone injury sprains of wrists or ankles. Ruta grav 


General treatment of sprains, bruises & muscular soreness. Rheumatism with a fear of being touched. Arnica

Where skin is unbroken use in conjunction with Arnica Ointment.

Cramp in fingers, legs & toes. Poor circulation. Cold extremities. Cuprum met.

Painful joints & ligaments. Rheumatism worse on beginning to move but improves with continued movement. Rhus tox.

Muscular soreness after violent exercise, stiff neck. Actaea rac.

Burning pains as a result of insect bites. Apis mel.

Burning pains when passing water. Cantharis

Topical application for rheumatic pains and stiffness of joints, tendons, ligaments and strains from overlifting. Rhus tox. Ointment


Topical application for bruised bones, dislocations, sprains and sciatic pain. Ruta Ointment

Rheumatism aggravated by movement. Better for pressure; worse for warmth. Bryonia

Rheumatic conditions which begin in the lower back and ascend. Ledum

Rheumatism resulting from earlier broken bones. Symphytum

Lumbago. Bruises. Bellis Perennis



Bleeding, protruding and itching piles. Calc. fluor.

Ooze dark blood. Hamamelis

Protruding piles with stitching pains. Ignatia

Itching piles. Nux. vom.




In cautious indecisive individuals. Graphites

In oversensitive individuals. Hepar sulph.

In deepthinking individuals. Sulphur






Immediately following an accident. Aconite


To reduce prolonged effects of shock. Before operations, dental visits etc. Arnica



General improvement of skin, hair and nails. Silicea



Following exposure to dry winds. Aconite

Burning dry throat. Arsen. alb.

Excessive saliva. Merc. sol.

Swollen throat, absence of thirst. Apis mel.

Sore throat. Stiff neck with Inability to swallow. Phytolacca



General wart treatment. Thuja


Molluscum Contagiosum . Thuja Ø topically. Thuja. Moluscum Contageosum Nosode





 tcy anus, driven to scratch, very bad tempered. Cina


Itchy anus, without marked change of mood. Teucrium mar 


With Colicky pains. Natrum phos 


Frequent episodes. Carcinocin