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About Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine is firmly grounded in the philosophical notions of being in harmony with nature, maintaining balance and exercising moderation.

It adopts an holistic view to diagnosis looking at factors such as how lifestyle, emotions, genetics, environment and constitution influence the health of a person. Believing ( much as in homoeopathy ) that each person should be treated individually even if diagnosed with the same disease.  It is the individual not the disease that should be treated.

The fundamental concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine are Yin, Yang and Qi (pronounced 'chi'). As the root of all beings in the universe, Yin and Yang are interdependent and complementary forces that at the same time oppose and restrain each other. The aim of good health is to maintain an equilibrium between Yin and Yang. Qi is the life force flowing within the meridians the function of which is to regulate the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of a person. Illness is a result of Yin and Yang losing coordination, causing blockage in Qi flow and depleting nutritious substances such as Blood and Essence.


Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine uses a number of substances to make its medicine, including plants and animal parts.  GTH can supply energised remedies following the formulas laid down over many hundreds of years.  GTH Chinese Herbal Medicines are produced using the Sulis  Professional MK3 Remedy maker and not the individual material constituents so they are non toxic with no side effects


Chinese Herbal Formulae



xiao yao san


gui pi tang

si wu tang 


er chen tang 


liu wei di huang wan 

si ni san 

bu zhong yi qi tang 


yin qiao san 


gui zhi tang 


long dan xie gan tang 

xiao chai hu tang 


wu ling san


si jun zi tang

wen dan tang

ba zhen tang 

chai hu 

yu ping feng san 

liu jun zi tang


sheng mai san 

ping wei san 

bao he wan 

zhen wu tang 


li zhong wan 


jin gui shen qi wan 


si ni tang 


ba zheng san 

bai hu tang


Warm/Acrid - Release the Exterior

Ma Huang - Notes: 1. for greater yang stage (Tai Yang) disease with chills, fever headache and lack of sweating. 2. Relieves coughs, wheezing and asthma 3. Clears oedema.