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 Essences in Homoeopathic Potency

How Are Flower Essences Used?

For animal use Flower Essences are most commonly given orally from a dispenser with a dropper assembly or squeezy dropper nozzle directly under the tongue, or from a spray bottle or a spray pen. As well as taking in an oral dose these essences are also effective when absorbed through the skin by topical application. In baby animals the Essence may be sprayed onto the abdomen or umbilicus.

The dosage methods described below are guidelines for flower essence use based on many, many years of experience. Keep in mind, however, that there are many creative and effective ways to use flower essences.



The mother essence or tincture is generally preserved with brandy or white alcohol or a mix of the two. GTH does not use vinegar as a preservative as some suppliers do. This infusion is then further diluted to the stock level, and sometimes again to a dosage level. GTH can supply all 3 levels as needed. Pre-mixed combinations at the dosage level of dilution are also available.  Please ask.



Essences may be used in neutral homeopathic potencies. These include mother tincture to 6x, 6c, 12x, 12c, 200x, 200c, and 10MM. Flower essences, in these neutral potencies, are almost always prescribed at only 10MM. This is because they work on realms of consciousness, and 10MM takes the remedy to the vibration of the cause of the problem.




The generally recommended dosage for neutral potencies is as follows: Mother tincture to 3x or 3c -, once or twice a day up to 30 days;



Potency 6x and 6c - once or twice daily for 2 weeks ; 


Potency 12x, 12c, 200x, 200c -once or twice a day for around 7 days ; 


Potency 10MM - once or twice a day for one or two months . 

These potencies, except for 10MM, are commonly used in homeopathy.


Information on Flower Essences is available on the internet or seek the advice of a qualified practitioner.

 Animal Relief Formula


The Animal Relief Formula was originally developed by FES certified practitioner and animal communicator, Teresa Wagner


Primary Indications:

* For any abandoned animal, whether feral or residing in a rescue home.

* Any animal being adopted into a new home, or being given a new guardian or caretaker.

* For loss of the primary caretaker due to death, divorce or changes in the family system.

* During any time of significant travel or re-location to a new home or environment.

* For any animal with a prior history of physical abuse, torture or abandonment.

* For performance or work animals who have been exploited, or valued only for monetary worth or reproduction value.

* During times of prolonged illness, or extensive surgery; can be used in tandem or alternation with Magenta Self-Healer.

* For any time of extreme stress in the animal – such as the prolonged absence of the primary caretaker or environmental disruption due to any natural disaster. Can be used in alternation or in tandem with Post-Trauma Stabilizer.


Arnica – Recovery from shock and trauma – embodiment and integration of energy bodies with the physical body following disruption and disassociation.

Bleeding Heart – To help heal abandonment and separation; to facilitate new bonding and connection following displacement.

Echinacea – To restore wholeness and dignity by rejuvenating the core immune system and sense of identity

Five-Flower Formula – Fundamental composite formula developed by Dr. Bach to provide relief in all rescue and recovery situations ( Rescue Remedy) 

Mariposa Lily – To provide mothering comfort and nurturing forces for abandoned or abused animals; to restore mothering instincts to female animals  – To restore trust when violent, abusive or degrading circumstances have created defensive barriers.

Poison Oak – To restore capacity to be touched and natural vulnerability; 

Oregon Grape -  Heal boundary or skin issues due to hyper-defensiveness and prior trauma.

Red Clover – To help calm the heart and blood matrix; to ease anxiety or tendency to panic.

Sweet Pea – To instill new bonding and territorial instincts following Displacement and Aboandonment .

Wild Rose – To bring new joy for life and will to live despite prior challenging circumstances.