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Frequently  Asked  Questions




Q. How Safe is Homeopathy?


Homeopathic remedies cannot cause side effects and are non addictive. Very occasionally patients may experience a short worsening of their symptoms, which will quickly pass. This is due to a readjustment of their bodies energy. Only minute doses of any substances is used in homeopathy making it extremely safe and non toxic. A process of dilution and sucussion removes toxins and releases the natural energy of the substance. The resulting liquid is then used to medicate pills known as Homeopathic remedies which are then administered to the patient.



Q. What about Homeopathy with medications prescribed by your Doctor?


Homeopathy is safe alongside treatment prescribed by your doctor without interference. Homeopathic medicine is most effective when taken at least 10 minutes apart from prescribed drugs, food, drink or cigarettes to allow a pure assimilation into your system. Some conventional drugs can reduce the effect of homoeopathic remedies, these incluse Steroids, Anti - histamines and  Antibiotics.



Q. How long will I need Homeopathy for before I start to feel better?


This depends on the individual and how long they have had the complaint. A lot of people experience good benefits from the first hours of taking their prescription, while others may take longer. Most people experience a change in their energy levels quite quickly and usually within 2 weeks. A general rule of thumb is for every year the person has had the complaint a month of Homeopathy will be required.

The information below tries to answer commonly asked questions about homeopathy. However, as everyone is different, each individual will experience it in a slightly different way.

Q. Where does homeopathy come from?


The fundamental idea of homeopathy is the Similarity (or Similia) Principle: ‘Similia similibus curentur’ (‘Let like be cured by like’), stated by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843) in 1796. This implies that substances capable of causing disorder in healthy subjects are used as medicines to treat similar patterns of disorder experienced by ill people. Hippocrates wrote of curing 'like with like' more than 2,000 years ago but it was formally systematized by Hahnemann. He viewed health as a dynamic process tending to maintain a state of optimum equilibrium. Homeopathic medicines are aimed to direct and stimulate the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms. More recently it has been simply stated that Homeopathy was developed in the 19th century by Samuel Hahnemann, a physician who became disillusioned with the violence and side effects of medicine at the time. It became a popular and safe alternative to commonly used practices such as blood letting, purges, blistering and the use of toxic drugs. Since then, it has continued to be used as a powerful and gentle way to heal. Many countries such as India use it as a 1st line of defence approved by the government.



Q. What is involved in a treatment?


When you go to see a Homoeopath for the first time the initial session lasts for about an hour and a full personal history is taken as well as information about the family. The practitioner will explore your likes and dislikes as well as emotional aspects. This gives  valuable information about your predispositions and individual characteristics. The subsequent treatment is specific to you and with the homoeopath you will work as a team to restore you to health. Any information you provided to a homoeopathic practitioner is confidential.



Q. Are there any side effects?


Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic so side effects are incredibly rare. As the body is stimulated to heal some people experience a change in symptoms but this is a positive sign that the body is responding to the treatment. In my experience, most people find that energy levels and wellbeing increase and often other symptoms, apart from those that are being treated, simultaneously improve.



Q. How long will I need to be treated for?


This very much depends on the individual but as a very rough guide, the longer a symptom has been present for then the longer it takes to heal. However, there are exceptions to every rule! Some chronic cases can be cured with one treatment while others take longer to shift. Many people find homeopathy so beneficial that they keep up their treatment after the original symptom has abated to maintain overall health some may only need 1 dose per year to maintain this.



Q. I am going on holiday - can homeopathy help?


Homeopathic remedies are excellent to take with you to help deal with holiday tums, insect bites, effects of altitude, sun, jet lag, travel sickness etc. Please contact GTH if you would like a custom travel kit for you.



Q. I am going into hospital - can homeopathy help?


Homeopathic remedies are a brilliant support to take pre, post or during operations or labour. They can minimise the negative effects of surgery and assist healing. Please contact GTH if you are interested in finding out what may help you with a planned hospital stay.



Q. I am considering alternatives to vaccinations - can you help?


This is a well debated topic and there is too much to go into here. The Informed patent is a very useful website and Chris will be very happy to discuss vaccinations and alternatives if you email her with your questions.Please also refer to RECOMMENDED READING page for books and papers on this and other subjects linked to Homoeopathy.