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I have had and continue to receive numerous request foran anti flea treatment.  As you will see from the above information Homoeopathy doesn't kill flease so thickening the lactic acid coating on skin is the only way Homoeopathy can help.  There are of course remedies to deal with the problems caused by allergic or sensitive reactions to the bites of insects but the following, although not Homoeopathic is friendly way to keep fleas and biting insects at bay.  I have used this formula for many years and it has always done the job well.

A natural alternative to nasty chemical sprays that will help deter fleas, ticks and other parasites as well as mosquitos midges and flies.  So gentle it can be used on baby animals and baby people as well as all adults whatever the species.


Use to keep fleas and ticks at bay and keep biting insects away especially at dusk.


Made from essential oils of Penny Royal, Geranium, Orange, Lemon,  Citronella, Garlic and Lavender in a spring water base.


Supplied in 100ml dark green spray bottle ready to use at just £6 plus p&p.


As this contains oils always protect eyes when misting.


Also available with the addition of Tea Tree oil, same price as above.  Please specify 


Also available mixed oils concentrate 15 ml ( makes up to 1 ltr) and an empty 100 ml labeled spray bottle to make up your own mister as and when needed. -  £8 plus p&p.