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Homeopathy originates from the Greek words homeo, meaning  similar, and pathos, meaning suffering. The basic principle of  homeopathy was recognised by Hippocrates as early as the fifth century. Over  200 years ago, Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor and chemist, worked with this  principle and is credited for developing a comprehensive system of medicine,  which is known as homeopathy. Though students of Homoeopathy are aware that  many practitioners had a greater or lesser part in the development of modern  homoeopathy and it is still evolving with our increasing knowledge of the  world.


Today homeopathy is widely accepted as an effective treatment for many  conditions, and is, in some cases, available on the NHS. There are currently 5  NHS homoeopathic hospitals, including The Royal Homoeopathic Hospital in Great Ormond Street, London.  Homeopathic medicines are renowned as being  safe, non-toxic and non-addictive and are prepared to stringent quality  standards.


The healing system of  Homeopathy is suited to all. Young and old, rich or poor, from under developed  or developed countries, any climate, all living things can benefit from Homoeopathy,  including plants. This emerging practice is known as Agrohomoeopathy and is  being used to gently fight against plant disease, fungal infections, trauma due  to transplanting and much more.    
Homeopathy helps the living organism to fight disease condition by using the  body’s defence mechanism. There are no toxic effects or side effects to Homeopathic remedies.

What are the remedies made from?

Classic Homeopathy uses natural substances to make its remedies. They come from minerals, vegetable and the animal kingdoms. Metals such as gold, silver, platinum and minerals like sulphur, arsenic and graphite, have all been made to serve Homeopathy. Substances available in the herbal, mineral or animal kingdoms have been transformed by potentisation into invaluable medicines for acute as well as chronic problems.


Please note that GTH remedies are made using a Sulis Professional III Remedy Maker and not medicating tinctures. These machines are used around the world in field clinics and hospitals where it is not always possible to have tinctures to hand as well as in private Homoeopathic practice and clinics. Being made in this manner does not detract from their effectiveness and they are more robust than classically made remedies if handled.

Homeopathy is a gentle yet effective form of treatment for many conditions, illness and diseases. It is holistic in nature, which means that in determining treatment the whole person is considered as well as the specific problem or illness. The remedy is selected for the individual.

The Remedies

It is important that not all homoeopathic remedies are equal in quality and many remedies advertised as 'Homoeopathic' or Homeopathic" may not be truly homoeopathic in the sense of the word used by qualified Homoeopathic practitioners, therefore it is important that you source your homoeopathic remedies only from reputable manufacturers including the larger Homoeopathic Pharmacies and the several excellent smaller suppliers. 

Hundreds of remedies are available from  including but not limited to:

Prophylactic Nosodes (Homoeopathic vaccines) for babies, children, adults and pets,

many group or combination remedies such as Dr Reckeweg, Powell & Narayani.

Essences, including Shell, Bach's Flower, California Flower, Bush Flower.

Sun Essences for Animals, Essences especially formulated for children and teenagers.

Potentised Allopathic (conventional) medicines - often used to counter side effects,

Amino acids, Cinemoid colours, Minerals, Elements, Veterinary Nosodes and remedies, 

Gems, Vitamins and vaccines such as the common cold, SARS, Swine flu, Avian flu, Influenza,

MRSA, C-Dif, Arthritis and Rheumatism, Articular pain. PMT, PMS, Menopause, Obstetrics

and much much more.

A consultation with a homoeopath may also result in them advising you of your own 'constitutional' remedy.  This will be a remedy specific to you and that when used should deal with any kind of symptom you may have.


NB.  Remedies can also be found in Kit form , usually from the larger pharmacies but some smaller suppliers also provide a choice of ready made kits or custom kits. 

First Aid,

Travel, they can be specifcic for envionments such as Africa, India, Southern Hemasphere

Human Obstetrics, Animal Obstetrics,

Pre & Post Operative

Horses, Dogs, Cats, sheep, pigs, birds,  etc,


Generally you should be able to find a kit to cover your needs.




Animals and Homoeopathy

The use of Homoeopathy for treating animals is very successful often succeeding where conventional medicine has failed. The criticism often levelled at homoeopathic medicine is that it is purely a 'placebo' effect that triggers improvement not the actual remedy, after all how could it when the substance is so dilute? In other words the patient takes a sugar pill, believes he will be cured and so, he is. However if homoeopathic success is all in the mind, why does it work so well on animals?


The health and wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of animals benefit each year from the use of homoeopathy. Presumably not one of them sat and pondered as the dose was administered, "this pill will make me better" and therefore became well. Time after time homoeopathy is seen to bring quality of life back to animals that otherwise would have continued to suffer or at worst would have been euthanized. This is often after many months, even years of conventional treatment and several, if not thousands, of pounds having been spent to no effect. Owners more often than not come to a homoeopath as a last resort, when conventional treatment can do no more and the animal is very ill, yet, even so, many of these make a dramatic and some would say miraculous, recovery. However the sooner any dis-ease is addressed the better the results can be. Many a vet has advised a client that at the stage of disease their animal is at they may as well try homoeopathy, "it can’t do any harm". Expecting the rapid demise of the animal, only to be amazed to see the animals returned to full health and vigour.


Of course our animals can't tell us what ails them so good observation by the guardian is required. The guardian who knows their animal well will know when it is feeling better because the look in the eye changes, they appear more at ease, this is the first step in healing, the so called 'feeling of well being' even though symptoms may still be present the process has begun. Homoeopathy can also limit the side effects of conventional drugs and clear the build up of toxin residue from the body. It works well alongside conventional medicine too where hand in hand they help bring about a return to health with greatly reduced side effects from the conventional drugs.